History of twoseven.xyz (Part-1)

This is the story of how we got around to building twoseven.xyz, the problem we’re trying to solve, the various existing solutions, and why we decided to build a solution ourselves.
This will be a multi-part post. The first part delves into the background of how twoseven came to be and a peek into how and why we made some of the decisions we did.

Me and my wife have spent a considerable amount of time living in different cities. Despite this, we would try to make it a point to watch movies and TV shows together. At first, this involved a Skype call wherein we would countdown 3-2-1 together and attempt to start or stop the video at the same time. This worked reasonably well, but as you can imagine, it got frustrating pretty quickly. Answering our phones or the doorbell often led to cases where we were out of sync and had to spend a couple of minutes to re-synchronize our individual videos. I was going to find a solution to this.

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