TwoSeven Extension v2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 involves significant changes to the way in which the extension operates. A large number of features were added and certain existing features were improved or optimized. To make full use of these features, the extension requires you to provide additional permissions.

In return, you get the ability to watch:

  • Videos from any* website together
  • Videos from Amazon Prime
  • Interactive movies like Netflix’s Bandersnatch

Extension linked to account

A lot of the features described below requires the extension to act on your behalf without your intervention. This requires you to login to from the extension. You can do so by clicking the extension icon and selecting LOGIN TO TWOSEVEN.XYZ. Once this is done, whenever you choose to watch a video together from any website, the extension uses the account with which you logged in to set the video up for you.

Watch videos from any website

The biggest change is that the extension can now detect supported video content from any and all websites. Once detected, the extension notifies you that a supported video was found and displays a badge along with the extension icon. You can view the supported media by clicking the extension icon and selecting ‘Show Media’. A list is shown with all supported media. You can then select the video that you would like to watch with others. If you’re already on, the extension loads the video in that room. If not, it creates a new tab and puts you in a random room with your video already set up.

Amazon Prime Video

The TwoSeven extension now supports watching Amazon Prime videos together! As described above, simply navigate to the video of your choice, click on ‘Show Media’ and select ‘Watch Together’. You could also navigate and load the Amazon Video from within by using the ‘Amazon’ tab and navigating to the video of your choice. Once you load the video, the extension should find it and inform other vid-watchers about the new video and set up synchronization.