Minor Update

We have a minor update rolling out today with a few small features and a bunch of bugfixes. Most importantly, webcam video volume is now properly controllable across different browsers.

Here’s the most important list of changes:

  • Fixed webcam volume control
    • Works on Chrome despite an age-old bug. Separate blog post on the workaround.
    • If anyone’s facing issues with controlling the other person’s webcam volume, let us know
  • No longer requires both webcam and mic permissions for non-text chat
    • Video/Voice chat should now work independent of the other
  • Added ability to load custom captions on web & personal videos
    • Currently supports srt, vtt, ssa, ass formats
    • Only synchronizes to clients that are already in the room
      • New clients will need to load the captions themselves
      • Will add support for this in the future
    • Even though other users receive and initialize the captions, they may still have to manually enable closed captions on the video
  • Optimizations to chat component
    • Should get rid of some lagginess on slower PCs/laptops
    • Known issue where rapid messages will stop auto-scroll
  • Added list of patrons

We’re working on a couple of fun Discord integrations as well. So make sure you join our server if you use Discord. We plan to allow users to track our website stats such as the number of overall users or the number of logins in the last 7 days, etc. If you have any other ideas, let us know and we’ll try and work it in as well 🙂

Lastly, although we feel strongly against ads, we found an opportunity to make a little money to help keep the twoseven website going. We decided to accept this opportunity but only to run the ad for a couple of weeks as a test. As a result, there is an ad that will appear on the page for the next couple of weeks. This is not your typical ad-tracking stuff. We crafted the ad ourselves on behalf of our sponsor and other than the unique link that allows us to get a small amount of money (should a user decide to click and make a purchase), there is no other information that is collected from you while you’re on twoseven.xyz.

Uploading custom captions

The Web and Personal tabs now allow you to upload custom captions for your videos. These captions are automatically sent across to all other users who are already present in the room.
However, since we don’t store the captions data on our servers, new users will need to upload the captions themselves without being able to take advantage of the automatic captions synchronization. Depending on user feedback, we may decide to add in support for this down the line. For this feature, we make use of the subsrt package which provides support for sub, srt, vtt, ssa, ass, sbv, smi and lrc formats. If you have subtitles in some other format, let us know and we’ll try to add support for them as well.