😱 Instant Reactions & Hulu Updates

This update caters to our patrons who support us and ensure that twoseven continues to be available as a free service for you and everyone else. We are truly grateful for their support and take this opportunity to thank them.

If you would like to support the work we do on twoseven, and also unlock some cool new features while you’re at it, do consider becoming a patron.

Here’s a sample:


Patrons now have access to customizable reactions that they can share with other participants in the room. Additionally, since it’s more fun to have everyone sharing their reactions, any room that has a patron, will unlock this feature. However, only Patrons will be able to customize their reactions. This feature will be available to all patrons, regardless of their tier.

You can enable/disable, customize and reorder your reactions by heading over to the settings menu.

Hulu Updates

Up until now, access to Hulu to was restricted to patrons in the early-access tier, primarily because of some extra work that we had to do to continue maintaining support for Hulu, but over the last month, we’ve found ways to automate a lot of the process, and as a result, we’ve moved Hulu out of early-access tier. Now, all tiered patrons ($5 and above) should have access to Hulu.

There is a known bug wherein, sometimes when a Hulu video ends, it will continue to endlessly keep moving on to subsequent episodes without providing users a way to stop it. In other cases, it will load the next video, but pause somewhere in the middle of it rather than at the start. We’re working on fixing this issue.