Minor Update

We have a minor update rolling out today with a few small features and a bunch of bugfixes. Most importantly, webcam video volume is now properly controllable across different browsers.

Here’s the most important list of changes:

  • Fixed webcam volume control
    • Works on Chrome despite an age-old bug. Separate blog post on the workaround.
    • If anyone’s facing issues with controlling the other person’s webcam volume, let us know
  • No longer requires both webcam and mic permissions for non-text chat
    • Video/Voice chat should now work independent of the other
  • Added ability to load custom captions on web & personal videos
    • Currently supports srt, vtt, ssa, ass formats
    • Only synchronizes to clients that are already in the room
      • New clients will need to load the captions themselves
      • Will add support for this in the future
    • Even though other users receive and initialize the captions, they may still have to manually enable closed captions on the video
  • Optimizations to chat component
    • Should get rid of some lagginess on slower PCs/laptops
    • Known issue where rapid messages will stop auto-scroll
  • Added list of patrons

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New Release! Codename: 'nameless-one'

TL;DR: Avatar and nickname can now be changed, Extension now on Firefox, Performance improvements, bugfixes, etc.

Since the start of 2019, we’ve been working hard on developing new features and improving the styling of twoseven.xyz. While some of these features will go unnoticed by the end-user, they are nonetheless important technical milestones. We will list out all of the updates, describe why they were important and if applicable, how they will impact you, the user.

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TwoSeven Extension v2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 involves significant changes to the way in which the extension operates. A large number of features were added and certain existing features were improved or optimized. To make full use of these features, the extension requires you to provide additional permissions.

In return, you get the ability to watch:

  • Videos from any* website together
  • Videos from Amazon Prime
  • Interactive movies like Netflix’s Bandersnatch

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History of twoseven.xyz (Part-1)

This is the story of how we got around to building twoseven.xyz, the problem we’re trying to solve, the various existing solutions, and why we decided to build a solution ourselves.
This will be a multi-part post. The first part delves into the background of how twoseven came to be and a peek into how and why we made some of the decisions we did.

Me and my wife have spent a considerable amount of time living in different cities. Despite this, we would try to make it a point to watch movies and TV shows together. At first, this involved a Skype call wherein we would countdown 3-2-1 together and attempt to start or stop the video at the same time. This worked reasonably well, but as you can imagine, it got frustrating pretty quickly. Answering our phones or the doorbell often led to cases where we were out of sync and had to spend a couple of minutes to re-synchronize our individual videos. I was going to find a solution to this.

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Welcome to twoseven.xyz

Hello! This has been a long-due aspect of twoseven.xyz. First, we would like to welcome you all to our website for watching videos together. In this blog, we’ll be talking about some of the features of our website, descriptions of how to make use of some of the less-obvious advanced features and a few of the technologies that power our website.